Ben Vershbow presented the work of the New York Public Library Labs at the 2013 Woodstock Digital Media Festival.

Ben Vershbow is the founder and manager of NYPL Labs, a digital innovation unit at the New York Public Library that has been widely heralded for its inventive approach to opening up historical and archival materials online. Based at NYPL’s landmark 42nd Street branch, Labs operates as an in-house tech startup, working closely with librarians and curators to hatch projects that invite new kinds of interaction with library collections, often enlisting the public’s help to liberate information from old documents and to produce open data sets and tools. Before joining the library, Ben worked for four years with Bob Stein at the Institute for the Future of the Book, a Brooklyn-based think tank investigating networked forms of reading, writing and publishing. He studied theater at Yale and is active as a writer/director/performer around New York, creating original works through his company Group Theory.