Each year since 2011 a group of innovators representing a wide range of fields and interests has come to the bucolic setting of Woodstock, Vermont to share their work with each other and with the interested public.  The Festival, which usually takes place across two evenings and one full day, is organized around a series of keynote presentations and informal hands-on workshops.

Festival presenters come from all across the United States,  representing  a diversity of work ranging from the fine arts to the natural sciences, from projects in government to technology start-ups.  What they all have in common is a belief that their work in digital media can be a powerful force for positive change in the world, and an enthusiasm for sharing that work with both their illustrious peers and with the general public.  It is a belief and enthusiasm that we, the Festival’s organizers, also share and it is these core tenets that give the Woodstock Digital Media Festival its unique character and atmosphere.


 Speakers at previous WDMF events include:

 Steve Coast * Founder, OpenStreetMap * Seattle, W * Yasser Ansari * Founder, Project Noah * New York, NY * Christiane Paul * Curator of New Media, Whitney Museum * New York, NY * Jeremiah Johnson * Computer musician (aka NullSleep) * New York NY * Elaine  Sheldon * Creator, Hollow * Miami, FL * Joey Liaw * Tech lead, Healthcare.gov * San Fransisco, CA * Joe Hanson * Creator, It’s OK to be Smart * Austin, TX * Jason DaSilva * Founder, AXSMap * New York, NY * Scott Kraus * Head of Research, New England Aquarium * Boston, MA * Dan Archer * Creator, archcomix.com * San Fransisco, CA * Barbara London * Media Curator, MOMA * New York, NY * Anne Galloway * Founder and Editor, VTDigger.org * Montpelier, VT * Eddie Tejed * Co-founder, Civic Insight * Oakland, CA * Stuart Lynn * Developer, Zooniverse * Chicago, IL * Will Pappenheimer * Artist and Professor, Pace University * New York, NY * Ben Vershbow * Founder, NYPL Labs * New York, NY * Lori Loeb * Director, DALI Lab, Dartmouth * Hanover, NH * Jon Voss * Partnerships Director, Historypin * San Fransisco, CA * Wesley Lindamood * Senior Interactive Designer, NPR * Washington, DC * David Tyler * Chief Yonderer, Green Mountain Digital * Woodstock, VT * Andrew Hill * Chief Science Officer, Carto DB * New York, NY Emily Treat * Head of Production, Games for Change * New York, NY * Mary Flanagan * Director, Tiltfactor Lab, Dartmouth * Hanover, NH


The Festival is free to attend.  Registration is required.