Lorrie Loeb presented the work of Dartmouth's DALI Lab at the 2013 Festival

Lorie is a Research Professor in the computer science department at Dartmouth College, Director of the Digital Arts Program, and the Director of the Digital Arts Leadership and Innovation (DALI) Lab. Before she came to Dartmouth, Lorie was Senior Research Scientist in the Computer Science Department/Computer Graphics Lab at Stanford University. Lorie’s expertise is data visualization, user interface design and animation/motion study.

As Director of the DALI Lab, Lorie leads a team of professionals, graduate students and undergraduates from Dartmouth College. The DALI Lab designs and develops technology tools that merge arts, science and technology in ways that help people work together better, change their behavior and understand complex data. The DALI Lab is supported by the Neukom Institute for Computational Science.

Lorie is an artist as well as a technologist. Her work was awarded two Emmy Awards, and a Cine Golden Eagle Award. Screenings of films she animated, include: the Museum of Modern Art NY, the Sundance Film Festival, the NY Film Festival, the London Film Festival and the Whitney Biennial.

Lorie’s work has been funded by Intel, Sony, Microsoft, The National Science Foundation, Electronic Arts, The Neukom Institute for Computational Science, the Morgan Family Foundation and the New York Foundation for the Arts. She has been awarded two patents. She is a recipient of the Fulbright Scholarship Award, the Whiting Fellowship and the Donella Meadows Sustainability Leadership Fellowship. Lorie is also the President and Co-Founder of TellEmotion, Inc., an energy feedback company with clients around the globe and offices in Vermont and Arizona.