Thanks to everyone who made the 5th annual Woodstock Digital Media Festival such a great success on October 16th 2015!

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Confirmed Keynote Speakers

Workshop Sessions

Schedule and location for each workshop session will be announced at the Festival.



Phoebe Judge, Host and Co-creator of CRIMINAL

Angela Evancie, Digital Editor for News, Vermont Public Radio

Jonathan Butler, Director of Digital Services, Vermont Public Radio

Rebecca Lavoie, Digital Director, New Hampshire Public Radio

 Podcasting has reconfigured the audio landscape – and broadcasting. The smartphone revolution put all the tools you need to record, edit, mix, and share audience-winning programs right in you pocket. But programming that builds a devoted audience calls for more than hands-on tech. Explore the practical keys to successful podcasting with Phoebe Judge, co-Creator of CRIMINAL, and local digital broadcasters Angela Evancie & Jonathan Butler of VPR  and Rebecca Lavoie of NHPR(a true-crime writer to boot!).



Dan Archer, Founder, Empathetic Media

Erik Esckilsen, Associate Professor, Champlain College 

Got a tale to tell? Make it stand out in the digital universe by inventive use of transmedia. Dan Archer, pioneering immersive journalist, and Erik Esckilsen from Champlain's Emergent Media Center invite you to join them in the digital storytelling playground. What perspectives can transmedia and digital techniques bring to a story that traditional formats can't deliver? What topics, tools, and points of view play well together? How far can you go with off-the-shelf tech and freeware? Whether your budget is $100 or $100K, the tools are at your command. Explore ways to make transmedia work for you.



Immersive, responsive, 3-D, Virtual Reality. Oculus Rift has brought the holo-deck to home computers. Put on the headset and seize the opportunity to explore the astonishing immersive realm made practical by O.R. headsets and the latest Rift drivers in this workshop displaying the industry's most advanced VR platform. From Dan Archer's graphic recreation of the events in Ferguson, to time traveling adventures, explorations of impossible fantasy worlds, and new visions for immersive user interfaces, Oculus and WDMF crack open a window onto a brave new digital world. 



Don Campbell, Project Director, BELLWETHER 2016

One town in America always picks the winning president. One man is leading a team investigation to find out why. Since 1888, Terre Haute and surrounding Vigo County, Indiana, have voted for the winning president in every election but two. They haven't missed in over 60 years. Bellwether, an 18-month long digital documentary project tracks campaign 2016 through this singular lens on American experience and outlook. Program director Don Campbell will share how he and his partners are working to blend documentary film with social media, opinion polls, local journalism, demographics and history, to explore what makes this corner of "flyover country" the ultimate predictor of the most important contest in American life. 



 Emily Boyd, Director of Strategic Partnerships for Yonder

Rich Morin, Founder and CEO, Divvi

 With Kickstarter’s recent announcement of their official registration as a public benefit corporation, attention has again been placed on companies that can do well while doing good. Yonder is fostering and enabling a love for the outdoors while creating the social infrastructure for the entire outdoor industry. Their new platform, "Powered by Yonder," connects public lands, resorts, brands, retailers and their community members into a growing audience that is a force for conservation. Yonder is a Conservation Alliance member and a key platform for the US Forest Service. 

Divvi’s mission is to empower people with digital tools to help one another find and easily purchase quality brands and products.  Launched in late 2014, Divvi is an early-stage start-up that has joined with well-known companies like Ben & Jerry’s, Patagonia, and Etsy declaring themselves a “B Corp,” — measuring themselves against a triple bottom-line of people, planet, and profit. A portion of each divvi-powered purchase is donated to charities to plant trees and help those in need.

Come learn about Yonder, Divvi, and life inside a digital media start-up from the people who live it every day.



Jesse Kriss, Senior Design Lead, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA

Ben Kinnaman, President and CEO, Greensea Systems

 Jesse Kriss works to make NASA robots across the solar system responsive to human command – even when commands can take hours or days to reach them. Ben Kinnaman channels tidal waves of deep-sea data-feeds into robust ROV controls for offshore laborers who can't risk a single wrong move. Join them – first to unpack the development techniques they use to unravel the mounting complexities of man/machine interface. Then get "hands-on" and tackle the next great leap in robot-evolution as we plunge into the great unknown (at least for Jesse & Ben): the challenges posed by the driverless car. You choose the issues – safety, privacy, rush-hour tactics… but this isn't Mars or the Mariana Trench, this is the robot coming soon to a stop sign near you.



 Franziska Lamprecht and Hajoe Moderegger, the artists known as eteam

Seemingly benign images of the Vermont landscape contain messages. A painter paints the landscape as he/she interprets it, a camera does the same. In particular images taken with a smart device. Images are manipulated and interpreted in a way that might look most appealing to us. In Blow-Up a film Michelangelo Antonioni's made in 1966, a photographer detects something in a photograph that might prove a murder. In Edward Yang's 1986 film The Terrorizers something similar is happening. Both times the analog image contained information that only the photographer could reveal.

"Hide and seek or the invisible image" will be a workshop on image creation hidden information using steganographic and visual cryptography tools.



Suey Park, Author and Activist

As a student, Suey Park maintained a digital diary on Twitter. There she would share quick thoughts, observations, and frustrations alongside many of her peers. On a break from working on final essays, she started the hashtag #NotYourAsianSidekick and became an overnight viral sensation, nationally and globally.

She continued to trend dozens of hashtags to change the way Asian Americans are represented by the media. But after #CancelColbert backfired, she faced the dark side of going viral
— the hazards that can rear up when our sound-bite driven culture overwhelms critical thinking. In this workshop, Suey will walk us through how we can not only find our unique message and broadcast it into the world, but also how to gain control of our narrative and find meaning even when we lose control of the viral monster lurking in our digital age.





All times indicated are subject to change.  Morning sessions will be held at the Woodstock Inn at 14 The Green in Woodstock.  Times and locations for afternoon workshop sessions will be announced in the morning, and all locations will be walking distance from The Green and from each other.  For map and parking information please press here.

9:00 - 9:30:  Morning Coffee Mixer and Festival Check-in for Registered Attendees

9:30 - 12:45: Keynote Talks and Presentations

12:45 - 1:45:  Lunch

1:45 - 5:00:   Afternoon Workshop Sessions

5:00 - 6:30:  "Earlybird Afterparty:" Networking and Social Event.