The 2014 Woodstock Digital Media Festival

Now in its 4th year, the Woodstock Digital Media Festival is established as a unique event where an extraordinary group of innovators from across the country, representing diverse fields backgrounds, come together to share their public interest work with each other and with the public.

The beautiful setting of Woodstock, Vermont, provides the backdrop to a day of keynote talks, hands-on workshops, and informal gatherings.

We believe that people can be empowered by exploring work and ideas across the traditional boundaries of business, the arts, education, and the non-profit world, and our program is designed to enable this exposure and interaction.

The Festival is FREE and open to the public, but registration is required. 


Woodstock Inn and Resort

14 The Green 
Woodstock, Vermont 05091

The Morning Mixer and Festival check-in take place at the Woodstock Inn and Resort.  
Other sessions take place at venues in town, to be announced.

Confirmed Speakers

Asi Burak is an award-winning game creator, tech executive, and social entrepreneur.  He is the President of Games for Change (G4C), a nonprofit with the mission to catalyze social impact through digital game.  As the Executive Producer of the Half the Sky Movement games, he orchestrated partnerships with Zynga, some of the world's leading NGOs and Pulitzer Prize-winning authors Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn.  The Facebook game has reached 1.3 million registered players and generated nearly $500,000 in sponsored and individual donations. Prior to that, Burak co-founded Impact Games and created the internationally acclaimed “PeaceMaker” and “Play the News” gaming platforms. 

A native of Israel, Burak was Vice President of Marketing and Product at Axis Mobile (acquired 2008), where he introduced pioneering mobile apps and games to a worldwide market (Asia, Europe, U.S.).  He is a faculty member at the School of Visual Arts’ MFA in Design for Social Innovation and holds a Master of Entertainment Technology from Carnegie Mellon University.


Joe Hanson is a curious group of atoms in a very big universe. He is also a Ph.D. biologist and creator of the PBS Digital Studios YouTube series and website "It's Okay To Be Smart". It's Okay To Be Smart is a multimedia exploration of science through the lenses of art, humor and creativity, combining education and entertainment to unlock the secrets of the natural world. You'll find him permanently parked at the intersection of science and wonder.


Andrew Hill is the senior scientist at CartoDB where he explores the future of online mapping to help guide innovation and education. He is a biologist by training but has been working in maps, GIS, and data visualization for many years. In his current position, he can be found trying to create interesting maps or giving workshops and presentations, often in New York City.

Joey Liaw is the Tech Lead for Marketplace 2.0, the next generation software platform of  As one team was parachuted in from Silicon Valley to fix the much-publicized breakdown of 1.0, Joey was appointed in the fall of 2013 to lead another team of engineers to build a new system that could meet the needs of future years.

Joey is an entrepreneur based in San Francisco who has been the co-founder and principal software architect of several consumer-Internet companies including Airtime and Voxli, a Y Combinator company. He has been coding systems designed to serve millions of users since he joined Google in 2005. Joey's first love is hacking on real-time computer graphics in the games industry, and he attended Stanford University.


Elaine McMillion Sheldon is a documentary filmmaker, media artist and visual journalist. She is the director and producer of Hollow, a Peabody-award winning interactive documentary about life in Appalachia. Her work has been featured in the New York TimesThe AtlanticLA TimesHuffingtonPostand PBS Mediashift and has screened nationally and internationally. In 2013, Filmmaker Magazine named Sheldon one of the 25 New Faces of Independent Film. Sheldon has a BS in News Editorial Journalism from West Virginia University and a MFA in Visual and Media Arts from Emerson College.


LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE — The Essentials to Great Interactive Storytelling

Explore "what works" — the how & why behind the best interactive storytelling —with Elaine Sheldon, creator of the Peabody Award-winning, "Hollow" and Nate Herzog of StoryHackVT.

What does it take to produce breathtaking interactive stories? In this workshop participants will pick apart and re-assemble breakthrough moments from standout successes — hits such as HOLLOW, CLOUDS OVER CUBA, WELCOME TO PINE POINT, ALMA: A TALE OF VIOLENCE & HIGHRISE, among others. Focusing on not just the technology, we'll examine specific creative techniques in user experience design, interaction and storytelling that have proven to fuel users' interests, to capture and build attention, and to deliver a truly memorable experience.

THE DNA OF FUN — Game Creation: Mechanics to Prototype to Play

A hands-on taste of the digital game-making process led by Games for Change President Asi Burak and Vermont-based game creator Marguerite Dibble of GameTheory.

Making and playing games is hard-wired in every one of us. Participants in this workshop will explore basic elements, practices and analogs of digital game design in a hands-on session. Learn how to use simple materials like post-its, paperclips, erasers, marbles, playing cards or dice to develop an innovative working prototype — and make it better. Ask yourself, "What makes it fun and compelling?" Then get an insider's POV and a practical approach for how to make "fun" work, and have other participants test your prototype.

BE A STAR -- in the YouTube Science Galaxy!

A practical guide to creating for the world's largest video service, with PBS Digital Studios' Joe Hanson and Vermont PBS' Hilary Hess.

After Joe Hanson convinces you that YouTube is the video platform of the present, and most especially the future, he and Hilary Hess will teach you how to make videos the YouTube way. This will be a hands-on workshop. No more listening, it’s time to act.

INSIDE THE MIND OF A "DOUBLE BOTTOM LINE START UP -- with the management team at Yonder

A company whose mission includes inspiring and enabling a love for the outdoors invites you under the tent

Non-profts, academics, and passionate individuals aren't the only ones doing public-interest digital media work: A growing number of enterprises are focused on "doing well by doing good," including the producers of Yonder, Green Mountain Digital. Take a look under the hood at the development of the fast-growing Yonder app and learn about the latest trends in the app economy -- from feature development to customer acquisition.


A chance make your data come to visual life, with Carto DB's Senior Scientist Andrew Hill and Bill Morris, Lead Visualization Engineer at Faraday

This workshop will show you how to create interactive maps online using CartoDB. We will walk through the basic process of uploading data, designing maps, and creating interactive stories. CartoDB is an all in one mapping platform that gives users the ability to design and publish maps online. Participants can expect to leave this workshop with the necessary skill to publish maps online. They will also have gone through all the necessary steps to design maps and assemble them in a way to help tell compelling, data-driven stories.